This article contains the list of characters in Call of Duty: Deadly Warfare by Stick (SyabilYusoff16).


Main CharactersEdit

  • British Flag Captain John "Soap" MacTavish - Captain McTavish, also known as Soap, is a Captain in the Task Force 141 and is the faction's field commander.
  • American Flag Lieutenant Paul Peter Jackson - A former Sergeant in the USMC's First Force Reconnaissance Company. He is now promoted to a Lieutenant and is still under the command of Vasquez who is now a Captain. His new team, which is under Vasquez's command, is Team Steel.
  • British Flag Status: KIA, AC-135 Pilot - He is a member of the S.A.S. He pilots the supporting, brand new, AC-135 plane for Soap's team. He is the first "playable" character to die in the "game".
  • American Flag Humvee Driver - An unnamed member of Paul's team. He drives a Humvee which has his teammates on it.
  • Russian Flag Private Erik Chenkov - A Russian who joined Gaz's S.A.S team. He himself hates Russians who are Ultranationalists including Makarov. He is a weapons specialist. He gathers intel for the team.
  • British Flag Status: KIA, Sergeant Marcus "Anthony" "Michael" Burns - A member of Gaz's S.A.S team. He was killed in London, England during a mission to save their fellow member, Sergeant Grant.
  • American Flag Status: WIA, Sergeant Derek "Frost" Westbrook - Frost is an American in Team Metal. He was wounded badly in an attempt to chase down the Russian President's killer.
  • American Flag Sergeant Major Thomas "T.N.T" "Tom" Neil Thompson - The leader of Team Sulphur.
  • British Flag Sergeant First Class Danny James Newman - Former commanding officer of Bravo 7, Newman is a member of Soap's Task Force 141 team.
  • British Flag England Flag Corporal Frederick "Pyro" "Fred" Lanning - Fred, callsigned Pyro, is a weapons and explosives specialist in Task Force 141. Though he is in Soap's team, he, sometimes, is temporarily assigned to Gaz's team. Fred had a "Master" in pyrotechnics during college. He sometimes mans the flamethrower druing some missions. Eventhough in his records it is stated that his specialities includes "weaponizing", he himself admits that it is just a minor skill.
  • Australian Flag Petty Officer Johnson - A gunner in a NAVY air-boat sent to kill the Germans. Johnson and his crew "belong" to the team, UK NAVY Water Birds. His "plane" is the Blue Eagle. The other "planes" in his team are Swimming Canary and Sea Owl.
  • American Flag Status: KIA, Private Joseph Tim Allen A.K.A Alexei Borodin -
  • American Flag  Lance Corporal Louis "Green" Donald Browning - Green is a medical officer in Team Steel.
  • British Flag Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson
  • Status: KIA, FSO Agent Andrei Harkov - 



  • British Flag England Flag Status: KIA, Captain "Gaz" - Gaz is now promoted to a Captain in the S.A.S from a Lieutenant. He is still in the same team as he was in Modern Warfare along with Soap and Price. The team is Bravo 5.

Task Force 141Edit

  • British Flag Simon "Ghost" Mike Riley -
  • British Flag Hudson - 
  • British Flag England Flag Jefferson - 
  • Alaskan Flag 'Michael "Home" "House" Hauser - 


  • American Flag Status: KIA, Captain Vasquez
  • American Flag 'Master Sergeant '"Sandman" - 


USMC, S.A.S, Task Force 141Edit

  • American Flag General "Gold Eagle" Shepherd - 
  • American Flag Sergeant Don - 
  • American Flag "Mancer" - 


  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Vladimir R. Makarov - The leader of the Ultranationalists after Zhakaev was killed back in 2011. The second main antagonist in the "series". Although, he was the first revealed villain.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Yuri - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Status: KIA, Lev -
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Kiril -
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Viktor -
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Status: KIA, Chernov -
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Sasha - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Yakubov - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Ikkinovich - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg "Grutzel" - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Romanenkov - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Alexei Kovac Borodin -  A member of the Ultranationalists. He was, originally, a "made-up name" as a cover for Private Allen. But in a mission, it is revealed that Alexei Borodin really existed and killed Allen. Though, it was just a "bad dream" that Allen had.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg "Dzart" - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Status: KIA, Daletski - 
  • Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Petorvich - 


  • British Flag Master Sergeant Wallace Wallcroft - 
  • British Flag Staff Sergeant Thomas Griffen - 

Task Force 141Edit

  • British Flag Hudson - 
  • British Flag England Flag Jefferson - 
  • Alaskan Flag Michael "Home" "House" Hauser - "Home" is actually H.O.M.E. It is short 
  • British Flag "Bug" - 
  • British Flag / 'American Flag "Clown" - 
  • American Flag Flag of Texas.svg Status: KIA, Johnny "Cowboy" Mark Ethan - Cowboy was a member in Soap's Task Force 141. He first joined the team in the year 2012, after the events of Modern Warfare. He was killed by an Ultranationalist who shot him below his neck.


  • American Flag "Robot" - 
  • American Flag "Truck" - 
  • American Flag "Grinch" - 

Russian LoyalistsEdit

  • Russian Flag Status: KIA, Lieutenant/Captain Dimitri Schlavensky - 




  • American Flag President of The United States Edward Adkins - 
  • American Flag Vice President of The United States Joshua Snow MacDempsey - 
  • Russian Flag President of Russia Boris Vorshevsky - 


  • American Flag Status: Deceased, Sam W. Leverson - Sam is a civilian who assasinated the Russian President. He was chased down by Frost, Sandman, Robot, Truck and Grinch. He was later interrogated by Truck, Grinch and a few Russian Loyalists after he was caught. He shot Frost multiple times in the pursuit, causing Frost to get wounded badly. He was soon killed by an enraged Erik.
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