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June 19th, 2023; the world is once again in turmoil as the Scarlet Warriors, a union of international insurgents, assaulted the dozens of nations that form the Global Peace Initiative. Since the war's start just a few months ago, six million people have died, while nearly two thirds were killed in the opening day of the war when a nuclear warhead was detonated in Prague, Czech Republic. It is up to the best of the best, a combined force known as the Knights (formed by Army Rangers, select Marines, Navy SEAL's, Delta Force, SAS, and various other commandoes), to prevent further casualties and end the war.

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

Global Peace Initiative

1st Knight Brigade
1st Knight Shock Regiment
Master Sergeant John Chase; USAR Sniper
Private First-class Tabb; USMC Sniper

The Blindside Chronicles

Prologue - June 5th, 2023