The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Mod Database is a Website which was opened to the public on the 1st of January 2010, to celebrate the new year. It allows users to download Mods found on the Database onto a USB Stick, and then upload them to their XBOX or PS3. It is given new content every Five Months.

Mods ListEdit

Golden Deagle Rust jpg.Edit

A very simple Mod by JamKiller 2000, it gives the user a new Map File named "Golden Deagle Rust jpg." It is essentially the same as the un-modded Rust, but each Player starts with a Golden Desert Eagle with unlimited ammo.

Festive exe.Edit

A Mod created by Crazy Turtle 58 to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. It is a Modification of "Estate." The changes to the map include a Christmas Tree inside the Estate, Christmas Lights on all of the Buildings, a lit fire place, a snowy theme and Presents inside the Estate. The map is also set at night.

Old School jpg.Edit

An upgrade created by Crazy Turtle 58, this Mod gives the User the option to activate Old School Mode in the "Game Rules" Menu. The Mod replicates Call of Duty 4's Old School Mode, but adds Modern Warfare 2 Weapons and Perks to keep the Mod up to date.

Purple jpg.Edit

A mod created by DeadAssassin 320, it gives the user a Custom "Purple Tiger" Camo. This can only be used in Private Matches, however.

Arctic jpg.Edit

Another modification by DeadAssassin 320, it changes the "Arctic Camo" from Create A Class to look more like the "Red Tiger Camo." This Mod can be used in Online Matches, but could get the user banned.

Black jpg.Edit

DeadAssassin 320's third Camo Modification, this Mod gives the User a Jet Black Camoflauge for the ACR, as seen in Campaign.

Bling Pro exe.Edit

A mod created by DJ Killer, this allows the user to put up to three attachments on a Weapon, but only in Private Matches.

W-Tape jpg.Edit

The First of a Series of Mods by CrazyJimmyBoy, this gives the User the Exclusive "White Tape" Camoflauge on the FAMAS, as seen in Campaign. It is only available in Private Matches.