Call of Duty: Total War follows the Allied Forces on the Western Front in 1918, as the first try to hold back the German attack and then launch their own counteroffensive to end the war. It follows the soldiers of the British, Canadian and American armies.

Story OutlineEdit

Part 1: Lighting Attack (March 21st 1918)Edit

Sgt. McKay and his unit of British troops come under heavy artillery fire as the Germans launch their offensive. McKay and his men try to stop the assault. McKay takes over the machine gun from his fallen comrade, and holds back the stormtroopers. The Germans bring their flamethrowers troops and nearly eliminate McKay's unit. Overwhelmed by the attack McKay and his unit are forced to fall back.

Part 2: Last Stand (April 5th 1918)Edit

McKay and his men reform with other units at Amiens trying to hold off the German offensive.McKay fights off the attack with his unit using a Lewis gun. In a frantic battle, McKay fights with any weapon he can find. Bloodied the Germans retreat.

Part 3: Backs to the Wall (April 11th 1918)Edit

Part 4: The Yanks Are Coming (May 28th 1918)Edit

Part 5: Holding the Line (June 3rd 1918)Edit

Part 6: Into the Wood (June 6th 1918)Edit

Part 7: Devil Dogs (June 26th 1918)Edit

Part 8: Rock of the Marne (July 17th 1918)Edit

Part 9: Breakthrough (August 8th 1918)Edit

Part 10: Retribution (August 10th 1918)Edit

Part 11: The Salient (September 12th 1918)Edit

Part 12: Du Canal (September 29th 1918)Edit

Part 13: Over the Canal (October 2nd 1918)Edit

Part 14: Nightmare (October 4th 1918)Edit

Part 15: Cambrai (October 8th 1918)Edit

Part 16: Bloodbath (October 16th 1918)Edit

Part 17: Endgame (November 4th 1918)Edit


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Sgt. McKay
  • Pte. Baron
  • Cpl. Shepherd

Non-playble CharactersEdit

  • Sgt. Robiechauld
  • Sgt. Gibbs
  • Lt. Price



  • Gewehr 98
  • Lee-Enfield
  • Springfield 1903
  • Ross rifle


  • Mauser C96
  • Luger 08
  • Colt M1911
  • Webley Revolver

Automatic WeaponsEdit

  • Chauchat Automatic Rifle
  • Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
  • MP-18 Submachine Gun
  • MG-08 Machine gun
  • Browning M1917
  • Hotchkiss M1914
  • Vickers Machine Gun
  • Lewis Gun

Grenades and ExplosivesEdit

  • Stielhandgranate
  • F1 Grenade
  • Mills Grenade
  • Satchel Charge
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Signal Flare


  • Rifle Grenade
  • Bayonet
  • Sniper Scope
  • Bipod
  • Telescopic Sight
  • Round Drum
  • Grip
  • Sawed-Off
  • Flash Hider


  • Flammenwerfer M. 16.
  • M1897 Trenchgun
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • Trench Knife
  • Mauser Anti-Tank Rifle
  • 7.5 cm Minenwerfer
  • Newton 6 inch Mortar
  • 76mm Field Gun
  • 18 Pounder Field Gun
  • 77mm field Gun


  • Mark IV Tank
  • Mark V Tank
  • A7V Heavy Tank
  • Medium Mark A Whippet
  • Renault FT-17 Tank
  • Truck